Born and raised in In-Cheon, Korea; Sun-Mi has a unique perspective of life after her last ten years in Amsterdam. With a signature of rooted groove in combination with well tempered outbursts, Sun-Mi has placed herself strongly in the Dutch jazz scene. By approaching the moment in a somewhat meditative fashion, she achieves the ability to bring something entirely original to the band stand.

Her last album ‘A Self-Strewn Portrait’ (ZenneZ Records) has won the prize of the Edison Award 2021 in National category. She is the winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2018 and the 2nd Prize of the Getxo International Jazz Competition 2017 (Sun-Mi Hong Quintet), She will be releasing a new album with her quintet on Edition Records in November 2022

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

The Sun-Mi Hong Quintet is an Emerging addition to the European scene of Improvised and Contemporary Jazz music. The Quintet walks the line between elaborate composition and the great void that is improvised music.


2017 ‘First Page’
2020 ‘Second Page: A Self-Strewn Portrait’ [Zennez Records]
2022 ‘Third Page: Resonance’ [Edition Records]

“Sun-Mi Hong’s compositions have a wide span of tension and continue to fascinate because composition and free passages merge seamlessly. Subtle and probing rhythms alternate with driving percussion.” -Edison Awards 2021


Sun-Mi Hong & Alistair Payne forming a duo is almost as predictable as the sun rise. With a long track record playing together in a wide array of projects and as partners who together form the driving force for the Sun-Mi Hong Quintet, this pair are extremely sensitive to each others ideals in life, and in music. Quarantine time has sprouted some new roots for this duo; the drive to keep experimenting and expressing the moment showing that art is not optional. The debut album “IN:人” being the fruits of their labour.


2020 ‘Slow Walk’

“Trumpet and drums: substantial tools when betaking oneself into danger zones, greet the dragons and sounding the world. These duets, created with Occam’s razor seem to be both engraved and volatile, evident and ungraspable, daring and down to earth… And above all: they excel in playful clarity. Scotsman Payne and Korean woman Hong are part of a young and vibrant international scene shining in Amsterdam.”-
European Media Chart October 2021 – Henning Bolte 


is formed by Dutch pianist Harmen Fraanje, Portuguese alto saxophonist José Soares and South-Korean drummer Sun Mi HongThis trio was formed in the beginning of 2021. These three members stand amongst the most innovative contemporary musicians on the scene. This trio is born out of a simple quest: allowing the volatile sense of self-freedom within music to be united as one voice, by trusting each other and allowing for, out of silence, sound and narrative to be formed. 

“this trio emerged as a strong, inspired, focused match capable of rolling out original and gripping musical lines beyond the more travelled trio tracks.” by Henning Bolte-  All About Jazz (North Sea Round Town)

Dance In Four Colours

is a contemporary ensemble led by Sun-Mi Hong that combines drums, electronics, strings and dance. An improvised interplay by Sun-Mi Hong (North sea Round Town, Artist in Focus 2021) and keyboard player Philipp Rüttgers, forms the basis of ‘Dance In Four Colours’. This foundation of percussion and keys is supplemented with strings, synth and bass.

Concerts of Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

26/03/2022 Transition Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

13/05/2022 Festival de Jazz Vic, Barcelona, Catalunya

22/05/2022 Jazz in Feerwerd , Feerwerd, Netherlands

08/07/2022 Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Kongsberg, Norway

09/07/2022 North Sea Jazz Festival, R’dam, Netherlands

15/07/2022 Concertgebouw Jazz Summer Series, Amsterdam, Netherlands

19/08/2022 Oslo Jazz Festival, Oslo, Norway

Side Projects

24/04/2022 Nicolò Ricci’s Ambergris, Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam, NL

26/04/2022 Teis Semey Quintet at Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

29/04/2022 Teis Semey Quintet at JazzAhead, Bremen, GE

02/05/2022 IN:人 Space is the Place at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

19/05/2022 Nicolò Ricci’s Ambergris at De Doelen, R’dam, NL

01/06/2022 Dance in Four Colours at Bimhuis, Amsterdam NL

05/06/2022 Teis Semey Quintet at Jazz in Duketown, Den Bosch, NL

09/06/2022 NO FILL3R Wayne Shorter night at Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam, NL

10/06/2022 OAonTI at TBA, Amsterdam, NL

11/06/2022 Fuensanta Méndez Ensemble at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

16/06/2022 OAonTI at De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL

18/06/2022 Duo with Tristan Renfrow at Bimhuis, NL

22/06/2022 Alto For Two at Brebl, Nijmegen, NL

23/06/2022 Alessandro’s Pietre at Injazz, Rotterdam, NL

25/06/2022 Michael Moor/ Alistair Payne/ Sun-Mi Hong at Jazzship x NSRT, Rotterdam, NL

28/06/2022 Nicolò Ricci’s Ambergris at Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

30/06/2022 Nicolò Ricci’s Ambergris at Klankast, Arnhem, NL

02/07/2022 Teis Semey Quintet at LantarenVenster X NSRT, Rotterdam, NL

03/07/2022 Sanem Kalfa at NSRT, Rotterdam, NL