Alistair Payne | Sun-Mi Hong 

Sun-Mi Hong & Alistair Payne forming a duo is almost as predictable as the sun rise.

With a long track record playing together in a wide array of projects and as partners who together

form the driving force for the Sun-Mi Hong Quintet, this pair are extremely sensitive to each others ideals in life, and in music.

Quarantine time has sprouted some new roots for this duo; the drive to keep experimenting and expressing

the moment showing that art is not optional. The debut album “IN:人” being the fruits of their labour.

The music is the less predictable aspect to this. Trumpet & Drums is not the most common line-up,

however it’s easy to forget you are listening to either of these instruments. Expect breath and footsteps,

a woman wailing and a door squeak.

Long textural passages that resemble the sandy scrapes of a carpenter’s work bench. The experience is dream like.

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