Sun-Mi Hong Quintet

S U N - M I   H O N G   Q U I N T E T 

  Sun-Mi Hong on Drums   |   Alessandro Fongaro on Bass   |   Nicolò Ricci on Tenor Saxophone   

Alistair Payne on Trumpet   |   Young-Woo Lee on Piano


A Self-Strewn Portrait

After the debut album launch in 2017, her quintet has become a recognized and award winning ensemble that stretches the sonic envelope. Sitting on the periphery of tradition while often dipping her toes into the avant-garde, Sun-Mi is set on delivering a highly personal second album.

The album itself is aiming to toy with the emotions of the listener, as if walking through life’s swings and roundabouts. The compositions reflect moments of Sun-m's past told in a present tense. These moments are not told through the actions of what happened, but more the feelings that happened. Sun-Mi is quite open with the fact that moving to Europe was a struggle in many ways. But also simply the greatest and most rewarding decision she ever made. This struggle colliding with the sheer elation of feeling welcome is reflected in the song writing.


A Self-Strewn Portrait has an air of premeditation around it. Although much of the music creation was left up to the moment, Sun-Mi etched a hypothetical line through everything that was recorded. It was a clear aim from the beginning of the process that this album would sound like an album as a whole, as opposed to individual songs.

NEW Album Release 

Sun-Mi Hong Quintet 2nd Album release tour


September 12 BIMHUIS, Amsterdam

October 02 LantarenVenster, Rotterdam

October 30 Observant jazz Cafe, Amersfoort

November 22 Amersfoort Jazz Festival, Amersfoort

December 12 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht 


March 20 Muziekgebouw/BlueNote, Eindhoven 

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