Sun-Mi Hong Quintet


Press Release 

Sun-Mi Hong. Considered one of the most exciting emerging drummers composing and band leading in the Netherlands.

After touring with such projects as Karel Boehlee Trio, Benjamin Herman and Daahoud Salim Quintet,

She is already provoking a large response throughout Europe.

However, the real magic occurs when she ventures into her own sound pallet.

Through her own sketches and songs, Sun-Mi manages to transcend her entirely unique perspective on the world.

“Astute enough to deal with the very risk she compels her band to jump into”

From soaring melodies, riding on air, to knuckle whitening turbulence.

Horn lines bubble and cascade over wave like rhythmical figures orchestrated in the three-part rhythm section.

Piano (Young-Woo Lee) and Double Bass (Alessandro Fongaro) grasp the moment firmly.

Both Recognized and experienced improvisers, they allow for the colors and textures to ebb and flow.

These wave like tendencies are often guided by the entirely unique Nicolo Ricci (Tenor Saxophone) and Alistair Payne (Trumpet).

Both horns envision something more dark and vocal, like a whisper or a cry.

Within their dark and dusty tones, they seek honesty in the moment and, like their leader, won’t walk off stage without risking all.

After a debut Album Launch in 2017, Sun-Mi went on to an exciting year of growth and success.

She recently inspired the panel of the Dutch Jazz Competition to select her for “The Best Group 2018” and

Last year received the second prize from the acclaimed Getxo International Jazz competition 2017.

Consider this a sign of things to come, Sun-Mi Hong is definitely one to watch for the up-coming generation of artists.